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Nicole Sheyko- Dog Trainer


 * Take a moment and listen to yourself. If you are asking: "What is the main reason I am looking for professioanl help"?

and your answer would be: "EVERYTHING!"- then that might be true and understandable, but it is simply a sign of being desperate and overwhelmed with the current situation. The good news: This can happen to everyone. Owning a dog can feel much like parenting. BUT: we are convinced that there are 1 or 2 MAJOR things that disturb you- or the other person(s) that lives/handles your dog. Maybe you experience an increased tension between the different Family members  "caused"  by the dog? By recognizing THAT, you are on the right track in addressing and SOLVING the problem. Soon, you will look back and think: Did this really happen? Was I really upset about this? 

During the day, we are often away visiting clients and their furry friends. 

Therefore, we typically call back in the evening- please provide us with a good phone number and a preferred time to reach you.

Our goal is to respond within 24 hours.


Another good way to communicate is submitting a written request*